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Phone: 033 4008 0601
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We give end to end IT support to our clients starting from Software Design & Development to Branding & Call Support.

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Website Design & Development

We build large custom applications with a roubust admin end that help clients maintain their business and help us meet all their requirements. We structure the site from the very first day and build a flawless system.

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SEO & Digital Marketing

Search Engine Marketing has been the corner-stone of digital marketing strategies because of its guaranteed results and strong ROI. Our Search Engine Marketing services are designed specifically to help you improve your visibility on search engine result pages, improve brand awareness, build trust and turns clicks

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Creative & Graphics artworks

Give your viewers an out of the box experience with a creative and eye catching graphic novel website for your business. The entire method of presenting your information forms a storyboard with stellar contents and visual compactness along with graphics

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Mobile Design & Development

Our Enterprise solutions provide an easier and smarter way to move data from one location to the other safely. You can take your business to the next level securely and reliably with our custom solutions. We understand all kinds of complex business

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We incubate startups.We provide them with all technical & IT support.

Codopoliz is engazing in more and more startups across the country. Some of our recently attached startups are listed below.

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CoLife Advisory Pvt. Ltd, which operates a network of shared living and working spaces under and, respectively, spreads across 15 properties in Bengaluru, housing about 1,000 people and 25 startups and small and medium enterprises. CoWork247 rents out fully furnished work spaces to SMEs and startups. It manages security and housekeeping and offers a host of other facilities such as conference rooms, Internet, electricity, and accounting and cash management services. We, at Codopoliz is resposnible for handling all the SEO & digital markting campaings of Colive and provide them all the creatives that is needed for their online branding.

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Ubinga is an online review based app that helps you make smarter choices with access to comprehensive reviews about any product you would like to purchase. Codopoliz is the IT partner of Ubinga where we look in to all design and mobile development area of Ubinga. We are also responsible for handling all digital marketing aspects of Ubinga. In short, we let them do the marketing and we, at codopoliz give them 24*7 support for their product.

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We provide business solutions that serve as a distinct advantage for our clients to conduct business more efficiently and effectively.

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