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DL - 205, Sector - II, Salt Lake 700091 Kolkata, West Bengal
Phone: 033 4008 0601
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Codopoliz is not a company. It is a tried and tested product, built to dish out the best to whoever seeks its services.

Our Inception

The year 2015 saw the union of a few motivated minds from different walks of life united by one motive, the passion to create something new and original. Thus the idea of Codopoliz was incepted at a tea table amidst several topics and discussions. Slowly their ideas started taking shapes and got new perspectives. The years following saw a lot of changes and the team grew in number and has gone from strength to strength. Codopoliz has come a long way since.

Our mission

We think Digital

The digital era is our calling and we will digitise your world with our passion. We think digital!

Customer Growth is ours

Our relation with our customers are symbiotic – when you grow, we grow.

Stellar IT solution

We are not your next door IT firm. Our stellar IT solutions will change your world for good.

Client satisfaction

Delivery and client satisfaction are our primary objectives. We think beyond money to go the extra mile.

Our Strength

  • Website & UI Development

  • Mobile & UI Development

  • Creative & Graphics artworks

  • SEO & Digital Marketing

  • Dedicated Hiring

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