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HSComly is an industry management software with web and end to end mobile support. The mobile application has a huge number of modules that covers the entire area of user management, component/equipment management to accidental case handling. The system has a robust user and role management from where the company admin can add various company roles and can assign roles to various user groups. There is a branch management system to manage various branches of the concerned industry. In the system, the users can add all their component/equipment’s and can manage their daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly management. Admin or industry users can check and download all reports from the report management module of the software. Admin users can upload accidental policies with signature of the victim and case study upload of the incident as well from the accidental policy management module.

Below are the key modules of the application:

  • User Management Module
  • Role Management
  • Branch/Park Management
  • Component/Equipment’s Management
  • Checking Management Module
  • Report Management Module
  • Accidental Policy