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IndianHelphealth is a big name in the medical industry serving a large customer base in South East Asia Zone. This is a medical tourism application which offer users the whole medical package from travelling, visa handling to doctor’s and medicine booking. Patients can check with hospitals and can consult with the team and share all kind of information’s with them. There is an one to one messaging system with doctors. The app tracks all user’s location and activity and IndiaHelphealth team can contact them and guide them through all the process. The application has an admin panel for all sorts of data handling. It has got a detailed patient support and ticketing system as well.

Codopoliz is the backend and mobile development backend of IndiaHelphealth with Brandhype as it’s online marketing partner.

Below are the key modules of the application:

  • Patient Module Management
  • Patient Account Management
  • Doctor Account & Module Management
  • Document & Visa Management Module
  • Online Payment System
  • Category Management
  • Support & Ticketing System
  • Laboratory Management System
  • Medicine Inventory & Sales
  • Treatment Module
  • Chat application