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Medixfora is an online medical booking mobile application where an user can get a list of doctors and treatments and can book them accordingly. The mobile app has the facility of getting online medicine delivered as well from the list of medicines available. The application has 2 separate logins, one for the customers and the other is for doctors. Users and Doctors can register by giving their credentials and by verifying their phone’s identity and number. There is a private patient doctor forum where patients can directly contact the doctors and can chat with them regarding the health problems they facing. The application has a payment system attached where user can either book doctor’s appointment or can buy medicines from the application by using their Debit and Credit cards. The application has a robust backend admin panel that will let the admin handle each and every aspect of this application.

Codopoliz is the backend and mobile development backend of medixfora with Brandhype as it’s online marketing partner.

We have built this application in native platform using Swift and Android. This application has created a large impact in Indian medical industry and is serving it’s large user base.

Below are the key modules of the application:

  • Patient Module Management
  • Patient Account Management
  • Doctor Account & Module Management
  • Online Payment System
  • Category Management
  • Laboratory Management System
  • Medicine Inventory & Sales
  • Treatment Module
  • Chat application