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DL - 205, Sector - II, Salt Lake 700091 Kolkata, West Bengal
Phone: 033 4008 0601
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We welcome freelance players who we believe to be potential game changers.

We are open to any productive partnership with people who love to go solo. As a company we have the team strength to deliver the goods. Bid for us, and we will deliver. We encourage freelance bidders to work with us – We are here to work and you are free to approach. Bring us the menu, we’ll cook the food!

Terms & Conditions

  • Interested candidates will bid or market from their own profile. We care about execution.
  • BDM's & online bidders can show our portfolio's from our company site to get projects.
  • We will communicate with the concerned BDM's and will support them with all kind of technicalities.
  • We will have the right to use and show the projects under our name as executionist. The BDM's can inturn aslo use those folio's to show their clients.
  • Codopoliz will give 10 hours support everyday on any given project from Monday to Friday. Saturday, we are closed.
  • We are ready to sign any NDA/SLA(Service Level Agreement) with the BDM's before starting, so that they can keep the client's confidentiality with them.
  • We are not concerned about what client is paying the BDM's, we will place our own budget and milestone payments.
  • We can give all kind of supports while getting the project, if needed.

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