Google Page Speed Update to be a factor in mobile search

People like to get answers to their questions fast. According to studies, people do care about the loading speed of a page. Google has announced a change that how it ranks the websites for mobile searches: now it will consider the page speed as one of its signals. The pages which deliver the slowest experience to the users will be affected by the Speed Update. It will also affect only a small percentage of queries. This will be applied to the same standard of all pages regardless of the technology that is used to build the page. But not to worry. Your slow page can still rank high if it has great and relevant content. So there’s still hope.

Google in 2010 said that the page speed was a ranking factor, but it only focused on desktop searches back then. In 2018, it will look at how fast the mobile pages are and will use that as a ranking factor in mobile search. Now for years, Google has been promising to look at the mobile page speed and it’s finally here.

In February 2016, it began to highlight the AMP sites (pages that use it Accelerated Mobile Page technology to speed up the mobile rendering) in search results. Then in April 2016, it gave AMP pages a prominent position in Google News. Recently, it has begun to roll out its new , mobile first search index to a handful of sites to make them good and shift the overall search index in order to favour the mobile version of the website over desktop version. This change is particularly focused to make sure that the mobile site has the same information as desktop site.

However, the Speed update is not related whether the site contains the same info or not as desktop nor it is related to any requirements surrounding the AMP usage. It is about the page performance with the goal to offer the mobile users to better its overall experience while searching via mobile.

However, Google is not offering a standalone tool to help the web publishers to get ready for this shift, but it pointed out a number of resources which can provide general insights about the site performance. An automated tool: Lighthouse is for auditing site performance and other web quality metrics. PageSpeed Insights show that how well a page performs on the Chrome UX report and also gives suggestions that how the performance can be improved.

It is not the first time page speed is used as signal on Google; it’s been the case for some time on desktop searches. But it’s never been exclusively taken into consideration for those same searches on mobile. These types of changes to Google search are important for a company as the maximum of Google users search the web through mobile devices. Back in 2015, mobile searches in fact surpassed desktop searches and mobile has continued to grow in the years. Google hasn’t specified what percentage of searches can be associated with mobile but rumour has it that they placed its number around 60% last year. So it is only wise to buckle up and put more emphasis on mobile versions.

How Content Marketing Can Drive More Traffic To Your Site


Every day the business world is becoming more competitive which means if you don’t get things right, it is not possible to grow your business and succeed in digital era. If your business doesn’t have a well-visited website, it is less likely to grow. Utilizing various digital marketing methods can help your business achieve sales and build customer base. Content marketing can actually transform a business. Here are the top 6 benefits of content marketing and how it can help to transform your business.

  • Drives conversions

Content marketing helps a company to drive more conversions over time. According to the research, companies that create a consistent marketing content experience conversion rates are around 6 times higher than their competitors as they don’t focus much on content marketing. It requires a significant investment of money, resources and time and eventually it pays off by leading more conversions.

  • Bring more traffic

If you publish consistent blog posts that are effective and engaging, it can help you to bring more traffic to your site. Companies that post at least 16 blogs per month gets 3.5 times more traffic compared to those who publish only 4 or less blogs. So you need to publish quality blog content more on a consistent schedule if you want to improve your site traffic.

  • More content, more visitors

A company has limited time to engage its consumers once they have landed on the site. The more engaging and quality content you provide on the website, the more reasons the visitors have to stick around. It helps entertain, engage and educate the consumers so that they can understand the value that the brand provides.

  • Improve SEO and online visibility

More quality content means more visibility you have online. Consumers turn to search engines when they are searching for a service or product. SEO (Search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing a site to rank it higher on the SERP (search engine results page).

  • Cost-effective

Content marketing is considered as more cost-effective compared to traditional outbound marketing tactics. It is much easier to get started with and also popular with the customers who are tired of traditional advertising. Often this tactic can reduce the amount of money that the marketers need to spend when engaging customers and leads. Content marketing even costs 62 percent less than the outbound marketing and generates more than 3 times as many leads.

  • Personal connection

Sometimes it can be really difficult to show the human side of your business. Content allows you to make a personal connection as well with the customers and leads, showcasing the brand voice and character. Try to put a little personality in the blog posts, social media posts, videos or other types of content.

You can build relationships by connecting with the audience through quality content and transform your business into a strong brand. With so many benefits of content marketing, it’s easy to know why businesses are making moves to develop content marketing strategy. No matter what size your company is or what industry you are in, start using content marketing strategy today to engage more and more audience.