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Bespoke character illustration for your business

No matter what kind of business you have, but using illustration, cartoon style image or character illustration within your promotional projects can add a new dimension to your marketing material. Finding the perfect one can be really tricky, especially if you want something unique for your business like engaging character illustration. There is no uniqueness in clipart and nothing worse than being stuck with an image you can do nothing with.

Creating a character is as important as creating a logo. The character doesn’t have to look good only, but also should connect with the audience that makes you appealing and also drives business. Illustration, conceptualisation and character design can be an effective way to gain attention and communicate messages. We ensure that our illustrations are strategic to your mission. At Codopoliz, we love to create character illustrations. Our experts can create something unique, bespoke and totally individual style that is right for your business.

While we make characters, we make sure that we understand the unique demographic that your organization is catering to. We make sure that you are a part of the process so you know that we are listening to you and putting you front for the entire decision making. We have a talented team of illustrators who can assist you with unpacking your concept or idea that will blow your mind. At Codopoliz, we develop situational characters and bespoke characters illustrated to communicate via engaging infographics and creative advertising. These can be a highly successful way to tell a story or to describe a service offering in a personable manner.
Our experts are very much indulged in creating illustrations and giving life to a brand or company. We put our heart and soul creating the best piece for you. We work with you closely to understand who you want to appeal to, what you would like to achieve and how you want to use it. For instance, when we create characters for your business like in the form of a company mascot, we first need to understand the personality of your business before we make a start. Then it is transposed into the illustration to make sure that the character fits with your business.

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