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Professional children’s book illustration services

In the children book industry, it is well known that the young market is the hardest to impress as children get bored easily and this is why you need to find the right illustrator. Illustration in the key factor in bringing life to your book and to capture kids’ attention, it should be eye-catching, fun and funky. This is where Codopoliz can help you. We create distinct and unique style and present the characters in a way that entertains and intrigues children of all ages. In order to stand out, you need to make sure that every character of your book is rememberable and distinct.

Children’s book illustration is important as it not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the book, but also helps kids’ associate words with figures and objects. Hand drawn beautiful artwork and illustrations widens a child’s imagination and offers reluctant young readers the visual impetus to read books. Our illustrators are capable of reimagining and reinterpreting words to create beautifully drawn illustrations. We provide designs that catch the attention immediately. We have years of experience in publishing children’s text books and have served clients across different sectors. Our aim is to look from a child’s perspective and replicate it on the paper. The lively designs and vibrant illustrations in the book will arouse kids’ interest and will make them delighted.

A well designed book cover is very important for the success of a children’s book as it is the first thing your readers will see. At Codopoliz, our illustrators make sure that that the cover is attractive and compel kids to open it and browse through its content. We will work with you to develop an accurate visual concept of characters based on your requirements. Children are always attracted to eye-catching, colourful and bright designs so our illustrators always keep that in mind while designing.
Designing books for children is challenging as well as rewarding. You have to deliver the best to succeed in this competitive market. Our illustrators are highly experienced in character development so they get the visual details of the characters right to connect with the target audience perfectly.

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