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All our efforts are only towards creating the perfect digital journey for you. Codopoliz is a big marketing agency with the personal touch. Based in Kolkata, India, we deliver results across the world. We believe in keeping a small but technically and dedicated superior team. Our actions speak louder than words. Our skill in digital strategies and design is what sets us apart.

You need digital assets like mobile applications and websites for a successful digital marketing campaign, which are technically sound and allows brilliant user experience, need good SEO rankings for visibility and organic reach , influencer activity, well optimized paid reach and engaging content to tie together in order to drive users for your business goals. As one of the leading digital marketing agency in Delhi with bespoke digital services, Codopoliz is well positioned to deliver this.

Our goal is to drive traffic to your business and to convert it into leads. We help you by engaging the target audience with SEO, SMO, SEM, content, paid campaigns, etc. Almost 93 percent of the online activity starts with search engine and Google owning 70 percent of the market share. However, it is important that your business is online as well as search engine friendly. SEO encompasses a wide range of elements and that makes the core service Codopoliz offer. By combining expertise in competitor analysis, web design and digital marketing with continued investment in multiple tools, Codopoliz provide effective SEO services. Our SEO services can be broken down into following areas: On page, technical, outreaching and reporting. By covering all the aspects of optimisation within your campaign, your website will stand the best chance for successful online performance.

Every business is different. We will make a strategy that is customised around your unique business offerings, objectives and target market. We make your web pages work, they will not only rank, but they will also convert. We will make sure search engines will love your web pages. It will rank and attract targeted visitors and lead to increased conversions, repeat sales and brand awareness. Each business has its own services, target markets, objectives and values. So it is crucial to make sure that you have an SEO campaign that suits you. Codopoliz, being one of the leading digital marketing companies in Delhi work with you and understand your business and compile a bespoke SEO strategy for your campaign. Our work is carried with transparency and there is no mystery or secrets surrounding your campaigns. After having a thorough keyword research, we uncover the most search phrases to target on your site that will generate the most relevant traffic. It means a better possibility for leads and conversions.

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