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DL - 205, Sector - II, Salt Lake 700091 Kolkata, West Bengal
Phone: 033 4008 0601
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Wondering to embark upon a new business? Is IT your cup of tea? Then you have made the right turn. Franchise with us and reap the benefits of a prosperous partnership. A Codopoliz franchise will go a long way to fulfil your dreams and expectations. We will leave no stone unturned to help your business succeed.

For an investment of 50000 INR, you’ll have a comprehensive package with everything your website design franchise need to get started. There’s no hanging around you’re ready to go, straight after the training course.

The franchise package

  • Brand name & Logo - Use our established branding to flourish your new business.
  • Website & Server Setup - We will build your web presence so that you don’t fall behind the competitors.
  • SEO on your local area with the keywords you want to sell - We will do your local search engine optimisation basing on your hand picked keywords that suits your business in the local market.
  • Branding & Promotional material and email marketing - We will make you all the business collaterals so that you can do a sound promotion of your business.
  • Social media pages with updates - Our in-house social media experts will take care of your social presence which is a powerful marketing tool today.
  • Web & Personal Folio filled with our own portfolios for marketing purpose - We let you use our own work and portfolio to build your clientele so that you don’t have to start from scratch.
  • Website will have your brand name with ‘A Codopoliz franchise’ text -You get to associate your name with our already established and trusted brand name.
  • Every project will be done by an agreed profit sharing - When your franchise is up and running, we both make money. Profits will be shared along the agreed upon margins.
  • Project payment will be made to Codopoliz account - Payments will go through our accounts and we split the shares later upon full completion of a project.
  • Payment will be made immediately after we receive payment - Your payment will be released immediately after we get paid in full. Rest assured there will be no delays or issues.

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