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CRM/ERP based mobile application development services

Any business objective is to gain maximum profit and for that you always need to implement the right technology. ERP (Enterprise resource planning) and CRM (Customer relationship management) are the two significant processes that help your business to grow. These processes act as the backbone of your business by supporting and automating the overall business process.
The ERP solutions are integrated completely with enterprise system and bring great value to every functional area. On the other hand, CRM is a comprehensive solution that enables the organization to maintain the customers’ data. This is the best way to manage company’s interactions and relation with the potential customer. It also helps you to set a strong relationship by allowing you to make a better decision based on real time sales and marketing data.

Benefits of implementing CRM/ERP in your business
ERP and CRM software gives the users especially the managers, the tools they need to create a more accurate prediction.
Customization and Extension
A perfect customization and configuration help to adapt the Customer Relationship Management according to the way you want to manage your business. The custom layouts, automation, fields and modules can be modified as per your needs.
Integrated information system You can have complete information integrated at just one location. You will not have to face any issue of data spreading with the numerous databases.
Create multi channels
Your customers are everywhere, so you just need a simple way to connect. It doesn’t matter where you are receiving the message through social media, email or phone, you can keep a track of all conversation at just one point.
Acquire visibility
With proper visibility of marketing and sales, you can track the business performance continuously and know the things work better for your business.
Cut the cost and boost your business
With the use of digital channels, the promotional spend will be get optimized for your business worldwide. Customer relationship management and Enterprise resource planning is integrated to give you maximum ROI.
With amazing expertise in CRM and ERM development, Codopoliz is committed to deliver top notch custom IT solution. Our advanced, high functional team has developed domain expertise successfully in many fields. From large scale implementation to customization, our CRM/ERM services are offered for all types of organizations and businesses across the globe. We strive for the best to provide the enterprise solution in a hassle free and cost effective way.

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