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B2B & B2C eCommerce marketplace application development

As every single day is passing, the dependency of apps is increasing at a rapid rate. It helps you target a larger audience as app development service has the potential to drive more customers. When it comes to e-commerce applications, Codopoliz have a team of specialists who are skilled and focused in the creation of e-commerce solutions. We will help you to develop an application that will allow you to succeed in the online world. With a full service solution, our experts will work with you in every step of the way from the initial concepts through to testing and implementation.
All our solutions are built with the aim to boost sales. Our experts aim to understand how your customers shop so we can tailor a solution that best suits their browsing and purchasing needs. We have years of experience developing e-commerce websites and apps, so we understand that what features a good website or app includes. We always make sure that our sites are responsive and optimized for desktop as well as mobile viewing. Apps provide a deeper engagement level with the brand than its website.

We also integrate a range of e-commerce features and payment gateways that deliver a seamless shopping experience for your customers. We have helped a number of clients to develop amazing e-commerce apps, putting their ideas into practice. The features of smartphones like GPS tracker, camera and microphone help these applications to keep a track record of all the customers’ action and build customer engagement. Some of the eCommerce features that will help you to boost your sales:
Push notification
It is one of the best ways to catch the users’ attention and it can also use for campaigns and promotions thus increasing the conversion rates.
Refer a friend
It allows your customers to spread your products and service to anyone in their network and in this way they can also earn some points.
Coupons& deductions
It is a great way to increase traffic on your application and promote sales with different offers. Its strategic usage can drive large revenue and increase loyal customers.
Deep link
It redirects your customer to a category, a product, a content page or a form of the app which can be promoted on several social media integrating it with QR code and many other ways.
QR code
Customer can promote their QR code on different print media like business cards, any newspaper ad or brochures or also on social media channels in order to increase sales of any particular category or product.
Codopoliz being one of the leading mobile application development companies has better end to end functionality. We are in this field for many years now; we are ready to provide app development services to integrate your business into mobile by creating an eCommerce mobile app. It possesses all beneficial marketing strategies to provide the most engaging digital experience for the customers and also maintains the highest possible eComerce standards. It can provide you with a number of benefits to the individual user and also the manufacturing company.

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