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Custom Health & Security application development service

Over the past few years, living a healthy lifestyle has become a trend. People are becoming aware of diseases that is caused by sedentary and obesity office work and another trend is the use of mobile apps. Technology can make many things easier and better. Health and safety are the most important key business concerns. If you have the right approach, it helps you cut costs, control risks and gain a competitive edge, but dealing with the issues can be a challenge.
Safety or incident management is not a task, it’s the responsibility. Incidents or unforeseen accidents do occur in the work premises which can never be avoided completely. Safety management cannot be accomplished without the help of co-workers. With our advanced management mobile app, your employees will be confident and rest assured about their health, environment and safety concerns.

Our Health, Safety and Environment management software support industrial hygiene, management of safety and occupational health processes. So go beyond compliance with effective solutions to reduce risks systematically, improve worker and process safety. Codopoliz Health and Management app designed to eliminate the risk by having a track of all the tools.
No need to print endless sheets, taping up check sheets and managing huge amounts of folders. Our multi site platform let’s management have access to all sites at just a click of a button. You can also see live reporting and progress of health and safety aspects. Whether it’s weekly or daily cleaning, healthy and safety checks, opening and closing procedures or temperature recording, our check management tool does it all. With our fault management system, complete checks with simple scanning tool and record any faults or issues. Our system also allows you to upload pictures, videos, log details and investigate incidents in all aspects of your business.
We work with our clients to ensure that our solutions are strategically aligned at all of your organization. It allows us to provide superior value through usability and features of our systems. Our team uses all the latest development technologies in order to create custom and innovative solutions for the most difficult challenges.

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