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Industry leading taxi booking application service

Get your taxi booking software and enhance your competitive edge and increase your revenue. Codopoliz consider all your business requirements and design taxi application which helps to take your business online and also expand it globally. Now more users prefer to choose online cab booking app so they can travel comfortably to their destination. These apps will help you to earn more than traditional taxi services as it helps the drivers to optimize its time and services. However, many entrepreneurs and businesses are inspired by this software development.
Codopoliz is the one of the leading taxi app development company. We offer advanced features and specifications in our app solution. We have developed plenty of taxi booking software for business owners, start-up companies who want to widen its established businesses in taxi across the globe. This application also makes the drivers’ life easy. People like to book a cab with apps as it provides a host of other benefits as well like anywhere/anytime booking, easy fair calculation, track taxi location etc.

We have designed by using iOS and Android platforms. Our experts provide a user friendly interface through which the users are allowed to choose their pickup location. We bring in the power of technology to compete and multiply your return on investment manyfolds.
Key Benefits of taxi booking software solution:
Hassle free- You can be free from worries with the help of this app and experience your hassle free journey.
Feasible payments- The mode of payment is simple. You can make the payment through credit card or debit card or by cash.
Tap for booking- You just have to tap and book your cab and see all the details of the journey and the cab will reach at your destination for pick-up.
Reliable service- We provide reliable service to book a taxi by using this app for travelling to the users preferred destination.
GPS integration- You can also view the direction of your journey from the starting point to the destination.
By using a taxi booking app solution, the users can book their journey easily to their preferred destination and can enjoy convenient travelling hassle free. We develop apps in such a way that it is simple to use and we are sure that it will be definitely loved by the users.

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