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Enterprise Solutions

Our Enterprise solutions provide an easier and smarter way to move data from one location to the other safely. You can take your business to the next level securely and reliably with our custom solutions. We understand all kinds of complex business processes and procedures. We pay close attention to all new technological developments and plan how it can be effectively leveraged in business environments. We can communicate effectively and professionally with the clients.

e-Commerce applications

To run a full-fledged retail/associated business, it is important to have an eCommerce website developed and designed considering all aspects and conversions. We fulfil all your online trade necessities through flexible, customizable and scalable eCommerce app services. As one of the best in the business, we make your eCommerce business more efficient, scalable and profitable with WooCommerce, Magento and custom app services. Codopoliz provides end to end eCommerce solutions and help to make your online business expand and grow.

Social Networking Apps

We develop highly agile, cost effective, interactive and engaging Social networking apps those will capture your imagination. We have been developing web, mobile solutions and custom software for many years and have expertise in working with a variety of projects. Our services are not limited to only portals and website development, Codopoliz also does social media applications and complex solutions that feature mobile apps and websites adhering to latest trends.

Healthcare Application

eCommerce applications mainly cover the arena of online seeling your products. We have got immense experience in building large eCommmerce based applications which can handle products,orders, inventory, customers, emplo- yees with a separate logistics system as well. An eComm- erce application development can be done in variety of platforms.

Mobile Affiliate System

With the growing number of mobile apps in the market today, it has now become increasingly hard for businesses to make profit. We at Codopoliz specialize in offering mobile affiliate service that grabs attention and increases lead generation and sales. Optimum mobility and heavy traffic generation is what we focus on while building such applications.

Online Booking application

We forge powerful online booking application systems that support your payment processions seamlessly to meet the business processing needs. We are improving and evolving with new features to help you run your business effectively.

Mobile Game Development

We use the best gaming skills and technologies to build unique and high quality games which will exemplify our technological brilliance, creative prowess, imaginative and development skills. We have a team of experienced developers who deliver apps with the combination of our technical skills and clients’ needs. We are cost efficient, yet deliver quality, be it development, design and marketing solutions. We promise to deliver visual excellence and quality.

AR/VR Application

Our experts in technology, creative design, user experience and strategy have deep industry knowledge with Augmented and Virtual Reality and their applications. Our work has the potential to alter your perception of the world, quite remarkably. While Augmented Reality puts digital elements in real life scenario, Virtual Reality transposes you into a whole different place, obviously through the usage of some external devices. Our expertise will catapult your business dreams into scalable reality and that we assure.

HTML5 Development

With HTML5 it is now possible to make a modern and sleek web app which can be accessible from any desktop, any mobile device or any browser, anywhere at any time. Apps can be created easily and quickly with improved maintainability. With HTM5’s modern features and usability we prepare advanced mark-ups for your business platforms thus providing them an eye warming user interface.

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