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The Power of Social Media Optimization in business

Over the last several years, Social Media Optimization has been a growing area of importance for businesses. It is the process to use social media outlets to create awareness of a particular brand, service or product and create greater publicity.

SMO is just the perfect alliance between social media and SEO. It is used to increase product or brand awareness by using social media channels. Its aim is to get unique visitors to your website content. Here’s a list of why Social Media Optimization is important:

  • 1. Increase linkability

It is very important for a website. Many sites are static which means they are updated rarely and used simply for a storefront. In order to optimize a site for social media, you need to increase the linkability of the content. There are many ways like creating thought pieces and whitepapers or just aggregating content that exists into a useful format.

  • 2. Strong Web presence

With SMO, you can ensure a strong presence on the web and also establishes the Internet authority of the brand. It not only helps your business to introduce people, but also helps in improving brand visibility, recall and branding.

  • 3. Reward inbound links

It is often used as a barometer for the success of blogs and website. Inbound links are paramount to rising in search results and overall rankings. In order to encourage more of it, you need to make it easy and provide clear rewards. From using permalinks to recreating similar recent listing linking blogs on the site provides the visibility for those who link to you.

  • 4. Increase reach

SMO provides great opportunity to reach out to its audience. It allows you to position the brand to the customers on its own terms. However, the customers get the chance to reach out to you everywhere and anywhere.

  • 5. Make bookmarking and tagging easy

Adding content features is one of the best ways to make the process of tagging pages easier. Make sure that the pages include suggested notes for a link, a list of relevant tags and also make sure to tag the pages on popular social bookmarking sites.

  • 6. Help content travel

SMO is not only about making changes to a site. If you have content that’s portable, then submitting it to the sites will help your content travel and will drive links back to your site ultimately.

  • 7. Improves Search engine ranking

With search engine marketing and search engine optimization efforts can help in improving the rank on the search engines. As search engines started acquiring data from social media channels like. Google+ and showing them on the search results, search media optimization has gained prominence among the marketers.

In order to make the most of SMO, the business needs to keep its content relevant and shareable. Remember, the more the content is shared, the better will be its rankings in search engines. It will lead to strong social media presence and drive traffic to your website as well.