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Search engine Optimization

Though there are many ways of advertising and promoting your business, but SEO services can provide a long term result for competitively little investment. By using ethical techniques our experts can identify the important keywords and help your website reach the top of search results for those keywords. No company can provide you overnight and long lasting results. The whole process takes a little time and the efforts also need to look natural. By using less than ethical techniques, it can be hit with Google penalty. Codopoliz is an experience SEO agency who relies on effective techniques.


Local Business Optimization

Local Search Engine Optimization helps to increase visibility of your business by driving your website to the top of local listings. Your local business needs geographically relevant traffic to your site through targeted local rankings, which will help your company to reach the target customer demographic in the market. Our local business optimization service allows you to build a stronger customer base and allow your business to grow organically. Our experts at Codopoliz work hard and use cutting edge tools to achieve higher ranking in local search results for your business. It takes time and requires skill so let Codopoliz experts do it for you.


Social Media Optimization

SEO is about being visible. Our Social media Optimization services will help you to get attention and active leads which can be converted easily into sales opportunities. We manage social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn for our clients. With years of experience, we can help you to get to the top and stay there. Social media is the new heart-throb of the modern era. We understand the dynamics of social platforms and help propel your business to a better visibility among your targeted audience.


Conversion Optimization

Getting the most from your website visitors is a very complex process, but with conversion optimization, your business has a cutting edge technique to perfect your site. Being a one stop solution for all digital marketing services, Codopoliz optimizes your website and not only make it SEO friendly, but also user friendly. It is a powerful way to improve your profitability and our experts will guide your website towards increased cost efficiency. Our experts analyse the way users interact with your website and develop ideas on how to increase engagement and conversion rate through tests and changes.


Online Reputation Management

We understand how much your business reputation means to you. Driving your sales online is just as important as running offline. When your reputation gets tarnished we can fathom the gravity of the situation. It takes time to make a positive image of a company and it can also be destroyed by a critical review or negative feedback. We provide professional online reputation management services and make sure that your reputation and image is safe and protected. To safeguard your online reputation, Codopoliz deploys some of the latest tools and techniques which will help you regain your lost reputation.


Penalty Recovery

Anyone who has been hit by a Google penalty ever knows how important it is to avoid this. Whether you are already hit by a penalty or have a feeling that something is wrong and you think you should do something about it to get a better position. Codopoliz offer Google Penalty recovers services that help your website to get on the top. We have years of experience and have helped many companies to fix issues that were affecting their company’s websites’ search positions. Our experts use the best industry practice tools to identify the problems quickly and work with you to get your site back ranking in Google.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is to tell your visitors how your business products can solve their problems, how it came to be and how its services can benefit them to reach certain goals. Being Content marketing service provider, Codopoliz invents social media content marketing strategies. We begin with marketing strategy and ends with creative content marketing tactics. Inbound marketing content ideas help to bring more traffic to your website. We create campaigns and help you to achieve your objectives and maximize online presence.


Social Media Marketing

Nothing can match the way you grow a business through Social Media Marketing. Every second counts as you gain more and more hits in terms of businesses or users. Codopoliz understands the value and growth, paid marketing can provide to your company. The social media strategy needs to engage with the right audience to make an impact. Our experts work closely with you to tailor a plan which works best for your business. Our social media marketing service will guide you to make the most out of it.


PPC Marketing

PPC has an instant impact and gives your brand a larger reach and exposure as a result of instant first page exposure on major search engines. It is the easiest and quickest way to advertise your site on Google. Codopoliz deliver results that help the clients to achieve its business objectives. Our strategies are designed to meet all your business needs and its market condition. Our results speak for themselves. In the last few years, we have helped many companies improve their online performance and now we are considered as one of the fastest growing Pay per Click agency.


Email Marketing

Without the right marketing solutions, you won’t be able to experience its benefits. We know how the people reacts when they get an email, so we will build a tailored email marketing campaign that is based on your business objectives and target audience. It is the key to nurture and develops long lasting profitable relationships. With years of experience, we formulate for your emails that will reach your audience in style. It will be relevant, timely and so compelling that the consumers have to click on it. Our experts will improve your reach with emails that will help to increase in sales and ensure fantastic ROI.


Brand Marketing

You only have a few minutes to make the first impression online. Brand marketing is about crafting a memorable identity which helps to captivate your target audience and ensures sales growth. Branding is much more complex that choosing a catchy line and a logo. With our industry expertise, Codopoliz will help you to leave a profitable lasting impression. We can help you bring your brand to life online with insightful and creative approach that will engage in target audience , generate brand loyalty, nurture customer acquisitions and secure fantastic ROI.

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