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Content marketing that attracts, engage and convert

Today content is created at a huge scale, so great content can also get lost, and that’s why it needs to be compelling, unique and have a true purpose. Codopoliz have specialized in working with businesses creating remarkable content that gets targeted audiences. Content marketing is not about selling your service or product, it is about engaging with the audience to attract customers, influence behaviour and raise brand awareness. It is the backbone of our link building strategies and SEO as it plays a very important role in attracting links, search engine scoring and social sharing. Our experts will find new ways to draw attention with content marketing that engages, informs and entertains the people.
First, you should have a clear understanding of your target audiences and their journeys in order to build a coherent strategy. Our experts will help you to build a clearer picture of your customer journey and personas to get that understanding. We will work with you to research some ideas that connect your brand, target audience and objectives.

It will be not just mapped against the audience, but also their journey and online channels in order to reach them. Content marketing allows you to connect with the customers, develop deeper and long lasting relationships which keep the customers coming back to your site. Brands that know its importance enjoy benefits of better quality leads, increased traffic, customer loyalty and improved brand awareness.
Creating valuable and compelling content, on-site as well as through online channels is important to reach your target audience and influence them. Our creative team will work with you, developing marketing strategy built around your objectives. We don’t believe in one size fits all marketing and our experts are ready to take all challenges of reaching your goals. Our team brings your strategy to life by creating engaging, interesting and exciting content not only to grab the attention of your target audience, but also who are interested in your wider industry. We believe that strategy should focus on both inbound and outbound marketing. It is not only telling the brand’s story, but also being useful and relevant to the people who visit your website or social channels through search.
We have a talented and experienced team who loves to produce creative content which gets talked about. We have developed content strategies that are tied to your business goals. We make strategies that tightly integrate content amongst your PPC, SEO and social campaigns. We are passionate about creating exceptional content. We have in-house designers, developers and writers who will work with you through the production process, whether its video, Infographic, blog post or interactive content item. Our job doesn’t end once the content is created, it is also important to us that it gets the attention it deserves. This is the reason why we use the best techniques to promote and share it, whether it is about promoting blog posts through social media channels or getting the articles in front of the right people through targeted outreach campaign.

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