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Email marketing service that grows your business

Email marketing is an essential part of digital marketing service for all businesses. It is cheap, fast and also a great way to retain the customers and add the new ones into the mix, but it is only effective if you have the right strategy in place. At Codopoliz, we offer an email marketing service which gets opened, clicks and conversions for your business. We create amazing marketing campaigns that are visually stunning and also which can actually convert. We believe that working in collaboration with the clients is the best way to generate results. Our service is tailored to get the customers attention and capture those who may visit your website before but not made any purchase.
Our experts know what works and what no. The old tactics are dead. If you send mass emails with promotional content to your subscribers, it can be labelled as spam. Our marketing service clears all the clutter that is usually found in the inbox. It sends a positive message to your audience and engages with their interests and keeps them coming back again and again.

A good marketing campaign is nothing if you don’t have a well maintained subscriber list. If you have all the details of the loyal customers and returning site visitors, we can include that. In case if you don’t have, not to worry. Our experts can help you to build a list of those contacts those who are interested in your business. It will not only present you with a list of potential customers, but also can lead to an increase in sales. We create bespoke marketing templates that are tailored to your business. The templates that we create are responsive, it means no matter what it will offer the same experience in whatever device you open upon them on. Once it’s sorted, our developers can brand up and improve its design when your business develops.
We work really hard just to make you look good and our customer centric point of view keeps us focused on efficient and effective strategies. Email marketing is all about testing. Our experts’ carry A/B testing to make sure that your campaigns get better and better always. Our service is focused on sending out the campaigns which generated maximum ROI.
The secret to a successful marketing campaign is persuasive and interesting content which encourages the readers to click. This takes a lot of testing, research and lots of practice to get it right and once you get it, and its rewards are worth all the effort, starting from the subject lines, informative content and call to action, our team craft content which makes your readers to take action. The whole process takes time, a lot of practice and effort. Luckily, Codopoliz experts have years of experience in managing client campaigns and our service have generated quiet impressive results.

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