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Online reputation management eliminate negative content

In this online age, people are becoming more search savvy. Online reputation management has become a key factor in order to develop your brand visibility and also to show that your brand is relevant, accessible and addressing the needs of the customers. Social media has made it easier for people to share their opinions online. Negative reviews can be detrimental to a brand’s reputation, so it is important that you have a right strategy to protect your profile and build customer confidence.
If you are a startup, we can help you to build the kind of reputation your competitors dream of. If your company is already established, our service will make sure that your good name is maintained constantly and kept fresh. Many businesses also experience an unfortunate decline in reputation or just have a bad online publicity; in this case our experts can help you to get your reputation back on track. We will clean away whatever stains may be present and make sure that your business sparkles. Whatever business you are in, your reputation is everything. With the importance of online brand research, and real time information sharing, to create and maintain a positive online reputation management strategy is a must.

The aim of our ORM service is to provide a clean front page of results in Google without negative content appearing for key branded searches. Bad reviews can have a damaging impact on your brand, sales and leads. Almost 80 percent of customers look for online reviews and three quarters of potential customers can change their mind about your service or product if they read any negative reviews.
Businesses and brands that have negative or defamatory mention and content in their names can have a devastating impact on the consumers trust and their revenues for a long time. If negative content stays longer online, you can greater damage. If the site it is posted on is high authority, then it increases the number of people who will potentially see it. Google has tightened its reins as well and make sure that negative and true brand mentions which provide information actually in the consumer interests will not be withdrawn if it’s pertaining to cosmetic, medical, legal and personal aspect of anyone’s lifestyle. Businesses will never want to get associated with something negative and this is where we Codopoliz come in.
We audit your existing online reputation that includes social media assets, websites, search engine rankings, reviews, blogs, articles, profiles and also third party sites. This is no quick fix and to build a positive and lasting online presence, we make sure that our ORM strategy is ethical, robust, future proof using the most up to date techniques.

Good online reputation management services depend on 3 things: creating positive image, increasing its prominence, suppressing bad publicity. Though it may sound simple, but it takes the right skills and hard work to implement successfully. Codopoliz have all the skills needed to achieve the balance, we know how to combine them and make sure that your reputation shines positively.

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