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Google Penalty Recovery service

If your website is issued with algorithm or manual penalty by Google, then it is crucial to conduct thorough link audit, recovery and removal process to optimise your chances to rank high on the search engine result pages. Despite of employing all SEO techniques, if your website is not getting ranked, then without any doubt your website has been hit by Google Panda or Penguin. If it is hit by any of them, then you are in deep trouble. But you don’t need to worry; Codopoliz is here to help you. In order to diminish the risk of getting into the trap of Panda and Penguin penalties, we emphasize more on site audits, brand reputation management, engaging content and site clean ups.
Undoubtedly, Google is the top search engine. If you want your website to be found easily by the customers, you need to make sure that you have a great ranking on search engines especially Google. If Google doesn’t like the way you linked back you website or have overused keywords, Google will penalize you as it want the customers to have a positive experience with your website. It doesn’t want the customers to end up on a website that is manipulative.

Often their penalties hurt legitimate websites also. These penalties can be removed, but it is not straightforward. There are several steps that are required. Codopoliz can help you with the whole process and submit your inclusion request on your behalf until your penalty is removed completely. The businesses that are affected by this problem are the ones that have someone who is not knowledgeable with effective website development. You can also recover from these penalties and Codopoliz can help you with that. Google algorithm is very advanced and can easily identify websites that engages in malpractice. These websites can be automatically held back without a full manual review and associated warning in Google Webmaster tools. Codopoliz are experts when it comes to diagnosing search engine ranking losses, website traffic losses, and Google penalties. Our experts can not only recover your websites, but can also plan and strategise to make sure that our clients avoid potential traffic losses.
Every year, Google rolls out certain updates for its search algorithm to better ensnare websites considered to be spamming its search results. With our Google Penalty recovery service, we provide the right tools and strategies and help you to get your site back on track. We provide you with in depth analysis into your site and on-page content, pinpointing where and how your website has been penalised by search engines, staying up to date with latest Panda and Penguin updates. We will help your site to recover and maintain the top search engine rankings and help your website to attract traffic, conversions and customers.

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