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Top 6 Benefits of a Merged B2B and B2C Ecommerce Website

Nowadays, companies are selling to consumers as well as businesses to increase its market share and grow sales. The companies that make a product or sell in larger quantities can take advantage of economies of scale and generate a huge margin selling direct to the consumer rather than to businesses at a bulk discount.

Generally, businesses separate B2B and B2C websites in order to make operations easier. But Amazon has merged its business. So now the businesses and consumers can buy their products from the same place. By making B2B and B2C websites as one offers many hidden benefits to your business. It helps to enhance your sales and customer base along with simplifying day to day operations and marketing. So here are top 6 benefits of having a unified eCommerce site.

1. Marketing easier

If you have a unified website helps to eliminate all the confusion about recognizing you in a market as you to promote one brand only. Generally, people get confused with the brand name and eventually buy the wrong products. So with unified websites work becomes easier.

2. Customer experience

By making a unified strategy for e-commerce website will allow providing better customer experience to both the businesses and customers. They can find the product on one website and can deliver its product through a single website.

3. Easy to maintain

If you have a unified website for your eCommerce store, then it’s quite obvious that it will take less time to maintain compared to if you have two different websites. With only one eCommerce website, you need to maintain only one single theme or code which will be not complicated to manage.

4. Adaptability

If you use an open source framework like Magento, it will be easy to change the existing website to a combined one. Some of the leading brands including Omega Watches, Osprey London, Cox&Cox use Magento websites with considerable success.

5. Simple for B2B customers

At the B2C side, there is a noticeable convergence of B2B platform, especially for the distributors and manufacturers. The manufacturers want to directly sell to the customers instead of going to the retailers. So it is important to allow the customers to sign in without any hassle. You insist a sign-in form from the customers in the B2B sales because you offer a lower rate on the goods.

6. Ease of design

Developing one B2B and B2C eCommerce website is easy and it is also limited by the extent to which you want to expand or sell your business. You can maintain and manage the Magento website with ease because of it's customized flexibility and facility.

After having a merged B2B and B2C eCommerce website, you can move faster in the eCommerce field. A B2B and B2C merge eCommerce site will have all the plus points and no negative points of the individual market streams. It is because of the use of versatile open source platforms available on the market. Its easy checkout process and on-site search help the customers to carry a positive impression of the website with them.