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truIntensity is UK’s leading fitness brand specialized in personal training module with it’s branch across many locations all over UK. Codopoliz designed and developed it’s online application and has helped truIntensity in creating their online presence across UK. Users can go for various features in the application like Free Trial or can join the fitness brand by becoming a member of the brand and paying their monthly recurring fees online. The user management and payment module has been developed using a 3rd party management application. Following are the features on this mentioned application.


mTor is an online eCommerce application specialized in selling sports nutrition to it’s large user base in UK. The application has a huge variety of products starting from Fat Burner to Whey muscle protein. They are amongst the top protein selling products in UK. The system has a well equipped Product and category management system. The admin application has an end to end support for order management (from order placement to dispatching) and transaction module. Users of the site can use the online payment module of the application or can go by Cash On Delivery option as well. Following are the features on this mentioned application.


Docology is an online medical booking system used by users all over UK. The application provides users an online location based clinic search with all doctors and treatments available for that particular clinic. Users can search their clinic and can look for their preferable booking time and can pay online for their selected timings. The clinic can get registered with Docology and after approval from the application admin will get a separate management panel from where they can manage their own settings, doctors and all treatments. Clinic can manage all their appointments for each doctors and can handle all monitory transactions. Users after getting registered will have their own My account panel to manage their own appointments and transactions. The admin end of the application is well equipped to manage all the user and clinic activities along with all application transaction. Following are the features on this mentioned application.

HS Comply

HSComply is an online CRM management product in UK by using which you can manage and maintain your industry components and instruments. The product will let you manage all your components and will let you manage those components in daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. The software will let you handle all your industry branches and your industry components related to each branch. By using this product, users can save all their component certificates in it’s online cloud server. The system is well equipped and consists of various setting systems which will send you auto report every day component checking to your respective email ID’s. HSComply has an advanced user management module to distribute the job across all your employees located in your various business/industry locations or branches. The users can purchase their respective annual or monthly licenses depending on their requirements. Following are the features on this mentioned application.


truTransform is an online application program for selling online training and dietary program. The application mainly deals with all downloadable products. The site has it’s own online payment system where users can pay online for their selected product and can download the program after completion. The site has a dynamic product and order management system. The users can also calculate their daily protein, carbohydrate and vitamin intake by giving their required physical information. Following are the features on this mentioned application.


IndiaHealthHelp is a medical aggregator application that help patients across continents to get the best treatment in a low budget. The site lists all the best hospitals and doctors in India. Users can search across various medical specialties and can take any sort of advice from the medical experts by contacting them. The application has an online chatting system where users can chat and take suggestions from the best online experts. Following are the features on this mentioned application.


truGym is UK’s leading Gym brand with 11 branches all over UK. Codopoliz has help creating the brand’s online reputation. The application will show all programs and schedules of this brand across it’s all location. Users can sign up for various programs which has been done using a 3rd party user management system. Following are the features on this mentioned application.

Jumparena : Indoor Trampoline Park UK.

Jumparena is UK’s leading online trampoline business with parks all over the country. There are various jumping and booking activities in all parks and the site users can book their place using this online application built by Codopoliz. The booking application program has been built using a 3rd party booking program. Following are the features on this mentioned application.