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Nowadays, unstructured data is available all over the Internet, but it is unable to meet the expectations of large scale data required by an organization and this is one of the reasons why web crawling solutions were introduced in the industry. The web scraping apps isn’t limited to a set of industries only. Some of the widely used apps of web crawling are in travel eCommerce, content aggregation, recruitment, business intelligence, market research, manufacturing and brand monitoring. With its automation capabilities, flexibility, speed and robustness to scale up, web crawling is the best solution for acquiring data for any of these domains.

Web scraping plays a very important role in helping enterprises with online data mining in the most efficient, effective and affordable way. Codopoliz take end to end ownership of data scraping projects and provide you with the data you need and the way you need it. Many of our clients had tried to set up the crawler in-house, but came back to us eventually when the scale of the project required a dedicated infrastructure and engineering talent.

In the last few years, data scraping and web crawling is becoming increasingly popular. The scraped data can be used for analysis and also for predictions. People can gain insight into one industry by analyzing the data and take on other competitors. Once we receive the requirements from your end, our experts take care of all the aspects of web scraping. Structured and clean data will be delivered to you, while we handle all the complexities involved in scraping.
We have experts who have smart skills in web data extraction service. Our team will make sure that website extraction and crawling process can be speedy, safe and scalable. We are known specifically for engineering web data scraping solutions arraying from scraping to crawling, extracting to formatting that include exporting. Our services are designed specially to empower and support enterprises by taking the unstructured data from the Internet and turning into a structured one so that the data can be ready to use and for consumption for business. Our fully managed and customizable solution is built up from scratch and can handle the requirements of any scale and complexity.

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