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Boost your online with our Magneto development service

Creation of a Magento site can be done by any web developers, but at Codopoliz having a team of dedicated developers ensures that we always approach Magento development in a correct way. It forms the perfect foundation for online businesses. It is a powerful eCommerce solution for businesses and the most widely used platforms because of its amazing features it has to offer and extensive range of modules. It is the most preferred solution for the most popular and biggest brands globally.

At Codopoliz, when recommending an overall solution, we take a holistic approach and our experience of multiple system integrations gives us a great understanding of the limitations and benefits of each offering. We can optimize your eCommerce site for added efficiency and durability. Our experts are passionate about building functional, scalable and secure Magento websites with necessary plug-ins and extensions.

Site speed is the key to customer retention and our experts know how and where Magento optimisations can be made. Our developers can tackle any custom development requirement. Over the years we have actively built a core Magento code which acts as a foundation for fast and streamlined deployment of bug free sites. We will help your business to create an online lead generating marketing campaigns which will increase the rate of growth through targeted campaigns.
Codopoliz make sure that using this multi functional and versatile eCommerce platform, the online store is designed to attain great heights in a short span of time. Our experts leave no stone upturned to incorporate the most intuitive navigation controls, a smooth checkout process and seamless shopping options in your online shopping portal in order to give a competitive edge over the rivals. Besides developing attractive themes and functional sites, we don’t only understand the technical aspects, but also essential things from the business perspective.
All our work goes through a vigorous testing process before any release to make sure that the mobile experience of the website is polished as the desktop version. With tons of experience, our developers have developed many complex Magento stores that don’t only have user friendly navigation, attractive design, and great in SEO, but also has proper utilization of the core function of a store.

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